Pathways to Careers
The Pathways to Careers Initiative (Pathways) brings together a number of state of the art strategies to create a comprehensive career development model for people with disabilities.  Pathways is a project of the Institute for Economic Empowerment (IEE) at SourceAmerica.

The Pathways design begins with the Discovery phase, where staff work closely with the career-seeker to help them precisely determine their interests, skills and preferences for type of work, work environment and management style that will lead to employment success. The Discovery phase is complemented by one or more paid internship opportunities that allow the career-seeker and the staff who support them to further clarify the individual’s ideal career fit. These strategies are paired with intensive business outreach and employer engagement incentives that support businesses in hiring and retaining Pathways candidates when a good match is agreed upon.

Pathways was first implemented in partnership with PARC, a disability service provider in Davis County, Utah, and with support from Marc Gold and Associates, with an thorough performance evaluation conducted by Mathematica Policy Research (Mathematica). 

Pathways was founded with the intent of taking the best ideas from the field and infusing and testing additional employment strategies to create a flexible set of solutions that could meet the needs of a wide variety of career-seekers with disabilities. By being attentive to its customers, and by fostering open dialogue and transparency, the project continues to grow in response to the needs of its business and career-seeking customers.

In Boston, the project is expanding to include service to individuals with significant mental illness. In Davis County, Utah and Detroit, the project is further incorporating best practices to serve individuals on the autism spectrum achieve their employment and career goals.

As the Pathways Initiative grows, IEE looks forward to continuing to expand the impact of its project by replicating it in new cities and states, by increasing the number of career-seekers and businesses it serves and by introducing its most important innovations and findings to federal and state policy-makers.

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