Pathways to Careers
DiscoveryTaken during employment planning meeting
Discovery is the first step of the Pathways to Careers process and is a central concept in informed career choices for Pathways participants. Both the initial 4 to 6 week Discovery process and the optional paid internship serve to explore the unique qualities and strengths of each participant. Throughout this process, vital information regarding job-related interests, conditions and contributions is captured to be used in helping the participant to define an ideal career path. Serving as alternative to comparative vocational assessment and evaluations, Discovery embraces a “presumed readiness” policy and allows the Pathways to Careers program to begin to facilitate real and meaningful informed career choices for individuals with disabilities.

This participant-centered process examines the participant’s life, preferences, interests, talents and aspirations. The process engages family members, friends, educators, colleagues and other significant acquaintances to learn about the participant in various settings. Pathways Career Navigators observe and participate with individuals engaging in typical life activities to gain a more in-depth understanding of participant skills and interests. Through this process, participant’s life skills are translated into potential contributions to employers.

Upon completion of Discovery, a descriptive Profile is developed for each participant that captures the findings of Discovery and provides the basis for the Internship Plan or Employment Plan, including a Customized Plan for Employment.  The Profile documents provide Pathways staff with the information necessary to effectively match participants to paid internships or employment, Customized Employment, as chosen by the individual.  

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