Pathways to Careers
The Institute for Economic Empowerment (Institute) is an operating foundation funded through SourceAmerica - creating employment opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities.  The Institute’s mission is to make significant progress toward full and fair employment of individuals with disabilities.  The Institute is the founder of Pathways to Careers and currently funds the program activities at the four pilot sites.  Visit the Institute’s website for additional information on Institute staff, research and other programs (

Our Demonstration Site

Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC) 
The Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center is a Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) administered by Davis School District in Clearfield, Utah. PARC provides services to people with disabilities along the Wasatch Front. PARC participants are served based on their personal needs and decisions. Individual support strategies are developed cooperatively with the individual, his/her guardian, and professional staff. The programs at PARC are specifically designed to help the people with disabilities who cannot obtain training and employment on their own.  PARC is the first Pathways to Careers site.

Work Inc. 

WORK Inc. provides a wide range of services for the community, they can accommodate the needs of anyone who requires employment services, housing or day habilitation. For over 45 years they have been at the forefront of vocational services for individuals with disabilities; it is their mission to join with others in creating conditions under which all persons with disabilities will thrive.

JVS Detroit 
JVS helps people meet life challenges affecting their self-sufficiency through counseling, training and support services in accordance with Jewish values of equal opportunity, compassion, responsibility and the steadfast belief that the best way to help people is to make it possible for them to help themselves.

ServiceSource is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to deliver exceptional services to individuals with disabilities through innovative and valued employment, training, habilitation, housing and support services.  They also offer a wide range of contract services for the government and commercial customers.

Our Partners 

Marc Gold & Associates (MGA)
MGA is a network of consultants that provide training and technical assistance to systems, agencies, and families interested in ensuring the complete community participation of people with significant disabilities. MGA consultants are providing comprehensive training and technical assistance to the Pathways to Careers staff. 

Mathematica Policy Research
Mathematica Policy Research is an employee-owned company that has designed and evaluated social welfare programs under contracts with government agencies and foundations since 1968. In collaboration with the Institute for Economic Empowerment, Mathematica developed the employer payroll tax incentive that is a key component of Pathways to Careers. Mathematica is also conducting a comprehensive evaluation of Pathways.


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