Pathways to Careers
The success of the Pathways model depends on the strength of its partnerships with employers. Whether that partnership takes the form of hosting an intern or hiring a permanent employee, it is essential that arrangement be an unqualified benefit to the employer.

Matching Talent to Need
The first and most important benefit provided by the Pathways project to its employer partners is the thorough approach we use to understand the skills, contributions and ideal working conditions of the candidates we serve, and the human resource and talent needs of our employer customer. The time we spend working with and coming to understand both of these customer groups ensures that the best possible match is made between the employer and the prospective employee.

Sponsored Internship Experiences
The Pathways project sponsors paid internship experiences for potential candidates that last between 8 and 12 weeks, and are accompanied by customized support from Pathways staff.  Every internship allows both the employer and the prospective employee to learn more about one another, and to determine if permanent employment would likely be successful for the employer and the candidate. Neither the employer nor the candidate is under any obligation to make or to accept an offer of permanent employment after the internship phase.

Ongoing Support and the Employer Payroll Tax Adjustment (EPTA)
Once an offer of employment has been made by the employer and accepted by the candidate, the Pathways project will work closely with the employer and the employee to ensure that all the necessary supports are in place to ensure the employee’s long-term success.

An additional incentive and benefit to employers is offered by Pathways in the form of the Employer Payroll Tax Adjustment, which provides resources for long-term supports for Pathways employees. Learn more about the Employment Payroll Tax Adjustment (EPTA).

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