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Ty’s interest and skills in computer programming and IT, combined with the purchase of a specialized keyboard that allowed him to significantly increase his typing speed, earned him first an internship and then a permanent position as a Data Technician with the Davis School District.
Josh has a very entrepreneurial spirit. Before participating in Pathways, he started his own lawn mowing business. Josh is a very polite, loyal individual who enjoys spending time with his close friends. He also enjoys working with his hands and likes to keep very busy. Oh, and he walks or runs 10 miles a day! Josh is interning as a T-Slots Worker with Futura Industries an aluminum manufacturer in Clearfield, Utah. Josh’s work includes assisting with an extrusion saw, parts assembly, warehouse maintenance and packing of materials. Things seem to be going extremely well for Josh at Futura.  He loves the work and he feels like he fits in with his coworkers.
Ethan, from Bountiful, Utah, loves sports of all kinds—especially when they're being played at the University of Utah. More than just a fan, Ethan is a very active person who earned his black belt in karate. Using their connections at the University, Pathways staff arranged for Ethan to conduct his internship experience in their athletic department. After a very successful internship, he was offered a permanent position as the Assistant Equipment Handler for 18 different sports.
Corina’s Discovery process revealed an array of skills and interests, including writing, photography and computer use, as well as an interest in nature and Native American culture. Corina was offered an internship with the US Forest Service that proved to be a perfect match and resulted in her permanent hire. Corina earns $11 an hour and full benefits as an employee of the US Forest Services. The Forest Service is using their EPTA funds to set up an educational fund so that she can continue to advance within the Service.
Michelle applied to participate in Pathways after having worked in facility-based employment for over 35 years. She had tried competitive employment in the past, but had never found a successful or fulfilling opportunity. After a Discovery process that helped her and her support staff understand her work preferences and interests, Michelle attained first an internship and then a full time job with full benefits at Levolor Blinds in Ogden, Utah.
Jessica’s love of the theater is readily evident to everyone who knows her. She devotes one month out of every year to a community theater production, and enjoys singing, acting, working backstage and attending performances. Pathways assisted Jessica in attaining first an internship and then a permanent position as an Usher at the Hale Theatre in West Valley City, Utah, which hosts live musicals and plays. 
Christopher has always enjoyed environments where men worked with their hands and with machines; for fun, he hangs out at a semi truck maintenance facility in his neighborhood. His first internship was in a police department. Christopher enjoyed the environment but found the work too repetitive. His second internship, as a Parts Technician at Tony Divino Toyota in Riverdale, Utah, was the perfect match. The environment was ideal, and the work required him to constantly learn about parts for different cars. As a result of the internship, Christopher was offered and accepted a  permanent position at Tony Divino Toyota.
Carolina’s Discovery process revealed that she had a real talent for working with and caring for children.  In her internship in the Day Care at the Clearfield Aquatic Centerher skill was on full display: she was able to anticipate and meet the needs of even the youngest babies, and parents would specifically request to leave their children in her care. 
Anyone who knows Ashley knows of her love for animals. Upon learning about this in her Discovery process, staff arranged for her to participate in an internship at the Davis County Animal Shelter. Her internship at the Davis County Animal Shelter included a range of tasks, such as grooming and feeding the animals, office work, and calling families to check the status of adopted pets. Her internship was such a success that the Animal Shelter created a permanent position for Ashley based on the tasks and duties of the internship.

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